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+(593)9 8469 5400 enquiries@oniriccruises.com

Solaris: a First-Class Galapagos Safari Cruise

 A shortcut to self-realization

Oniric Cruises is proud to present the Solaris, one of the few first-class Galapagos cruises to offer cabins specifically designed for solo travellers. And the only one to completely waive single supplements!

On its 3, 4 or 7 nights itineraries, the luxurious Solaris yacht brings intrepid travellers to explore the most secluded and bizarre islands of the Pacific. One of them is Genovesa, a partially submerged volcanic crater considered a bird paradise due to its whopping count of 45 species, all of them said to be among the most beautiful and fearless on the planet. 

Another example is Fernandina island, which is so off-the-beaten-track that at every turn visitors come across an animal rarer than the previous one. These include the flightless cormorant, which after thousands of years of isolation on the islands lost the ability to fly and turned its wings into flippers. Or the marine iguanas, the only lizard in the world with the ability to dive in the ocean, and shrink and enlarge its body at will according to food availability. 

In between the daily excursions, guests enjoy a first-class experience onboard the Solaris,  relaxing at their luxurious ocean-view cabins, enjoying 3-daily marvellous culinary experiences, learning amazing facts from their scientific guides, and toasting with old or new friends at the elegant social areas.

There is also plenty of fun reserved below the waves! On the shortest cruise, there are up to 4 snorkelling sessions, and up to 9 in the longest, 7-night itinerary. 
But what does a snorkelling session look like? 

For example, on day 4 of the A itinerary, a dinghy ride takes guests inside a cave under a spectacular lava arch (Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela). 
After getting their flippers and snorkelling gear on (all provided), snorkellers jump into the water to find themselves in calm waters well-protected against the ocean swell. In this peaceful environment, it only takes a short dip to discover the plentiful (and harmless) presence of reef sharks, penguins and pufferfish. Not only that, seahorses and the giant mola-mola are frequent marine escorts too!

Or in Barrington Bay (visited on the B and B4 itineraries), guests enjoy the lifetime opportunity of swimming inside a prism of unbelievable sights: Galapagos sea lions approaching snorkellers’ masks to make eye contact, fluorescent parrot fishes opening wide their tiny mouths to eat the microscopic plankton floating near someone’s foot, dining-table-sized stingrays surprising everyone with their elegant underwater flight, sea turtles swimming so calmly that give the impression they’re on Xanax, and more, much more.

Overall, the inspiring sum of experiences lived during the Solaris cruise (onboard, on the islands, and in the sea) has been described by former passengers as a shortcut to self-realization. Do you want to test this hypothesis? Start planning your life-changing Solaris cruise.