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+(593)9 8469 5400 enquiries@oniriccruises.com

Introducing the Onirics’ Tribute: A New Benchmark in Luxury and Exploration

 an unprecedented blend of luxury, exclusivity, and intimacy, Tribute is set to redefine marine luxury. Here’s a brief introduction to what this yacht offers:

Luxurious Accommodation: Tribute boasts a total of 7 guest cabins and an additional 1 stateroom. Every space aboard the yacht resonates with opulence and a promise of serenity. Your guests can select from:

1 Owner’s Suite

4 Panorama Suites

2 Premium Suites

1 Lower-deck Stateroom

With the capacity to host up to 16 passengers, our staff-to-guest ratio ensures that each traveler experiences our unparalleled attention to detail and service.

Two expert guides are at the helm to elevate every exploration, making each sighting an indelible memory.

Introducing the Onirics' Tribute: A New Benchmark in Luxury and Exploration

Every element on this newest yacht has been chosen to epitomize luxury, guaranteeing that guests are offered not just what they need, but much more.

Tribute’s culinary offerings, with its handpicked wine selection and menus curated from locally sourced ingredients, are set to be a gastronomic delight for every diner.

As we count down to Tribute’s maiden voyage in late April 2024, expect comprehensive updates post this soft launch. Our intention is to ensure that you are intimately familiar with every aspect of this meticulously designed yacht.

For those eager to provide their guests with an early experience aboard the Tribute, bookings have commenced. Reserve slots for your travelers via our platform or connect with our destination specialist. For media collateral, rate cards, and more intricate details, our business developers await your queries.