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Solaris Oniric fleet Galapagos Islands Ecuador


This itinerary packs some of the Galapagos Island’s best sites into five days, giving a good overview of the the southern part of the archipelago. Champion Islet and Bartolome are two of the most popular snorkelling sites, where you can swim with fishing penguins, sea lions and turtles. The birdlife on this route is abundant, as you’ll get to spot albatrosses, booby colonies, flamingos, flightless cormorants and much more. Other sites include Gardner Bay, Suarez Point, Cormorant Point, Champion Islet and Post Office Bay.

High chance of spotting


Waves albatross


Blue & Red footed boobies

giant-turtle-galapagos-islands-ecuadorGalapagos giant tortoisesea-lion-galapagos-islands-ecuadorGalapagos sea lionlook-Great-and-American-frigatebird-galapagos-islands-ecuadorAmerican frigatebirdmarine-iguana-galapagos-islands-ecuadorMarine iguana



  • Embark on a ‘moonwalk’ on the barren lava flow of Sullivan Bay and climb to the summit of Bartholomew.
  • Snorkel with playful sea lions, colourful reef fish and Pacific green turtles.
  • Post your cards in the historical barrel at Post Office Bay.
  • Explore emerald lagoons and enter shallow saltwater marshes in an inflatable dinghy.
 Day 1 Friday
AM Arrival to San Cristobal Airport (SCY)
PM Cerro colorado (Colorado Hill)
 Day 2 Saturday
AM Gardner Bay (Española)
PM Suarez Point (Española )
 Day 3 Sunday
AM Post Office Bay & Baroness Lookout
PMCormorant Point / Champion Islet (Floreana)
 Day 4 Monday
AM Sullivan Bay (Santiago)
PM Bartholomew
 Day 5 Tuesday
AM Black Turtle Cove (Santa Cruz)
Transfer out to Baltra Airport (GPS)