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Archipel1 Oniric fleet Galapagos Islands Ecuador


This 8-day itinerary aboard the Archipel I is probably one of the most contrasting. From the far-flung, exotic Genovesa caldera and the golden bays of Bartolomé, to the luscious forests of Santa Cruz island and the intimidating castaway beaches of Floreana, not to mention the unique craggy peaks of San Cristobal or the coveted birdwatching paradise of Española.

High chance of spotting


American frigatebird


Booby colonies

land-iguana-galapagos-islands-ecuadorLand iguanamarine-iguana-galapagos-islands-ecuadorMarine iguanawaved-albatross-galapagos-islands-ecuadorWaved albatrossgiant-turtle-galapagos-islands-ecuadorGiant tortoise



  • Encounter rare geological formations inhabited by endemic songbirds on Santa Cruz island.
  • Observe a breeding colony of American flamingos on Floreana, and learn about the island’s ancient unsolved mysteries.
  • Get mesmerized by the spectacular volcanic landscapes just born out of the fire at Bartolomé and Pitt Point.
  • Swim nose-to-nose with playful and adorable sea lion cubs.
 Day 1 Monday
AM Arrival to Baltra Airport
PM Bachas Beach
 Day 2 Tuesday
AM Prince Philip Steps (Genovesa)
PM Darwin Bay (Genovesa)
 Day 3 Wednesday
AM Bartholomew
PM Sullivan Bay (Santiago)
 Day 4 Thursday
AM Twin Craters – El Chato Reserve
PM CC Fausto Llerena
 Day 5 Friday
AM Cormorant Point – Devil’s Crown (Floreana)
PM Baroness Lookout – Post Office Bay (Floreana)
 Day 6 Saturday
AM Gardner Bay (Española)
PM Suarez Point (Española)
 Day 7 Sunday
AM Pitt Point (San Cristobal)
PM Witch Hill (San Cristobal)
 Day 8 Monday
AM Lobos Islet (San Cristobal)
Transfer out to San Cristobal Airport