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+(593)9 8469 5400 enquiries@oniriccruises.com
Archipel1 Oniric fleet Galapagos Islands Ecuador


The 8-day central-western cruise aboard the Archipel I will bring you to the isolated islands of Isabela and Fernandina, characterised for their bizarre wildlife that fascinates scientists to this day. You will also enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of the Santiago and Rábida Islands, the rich forests of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands, and much more.  

High chance of spotting

Booby colonies


American frigatebird

Whitetip reef shark
Marine iguana
Flightless cormorant
Giant tortoise



  • Discover the virgin Fernandina & isolated west coast of Isabela to eye-witness evolution.
  • Visit breeding programs that help the survival of emblematic species of Galapagos giant tortoises.
  • Submerge into transparent tidal channels with whitetip reef sharks, rays and penguins.
  • Hike over solidified lava flows to reach precious lagoons and mangroves. 
 Day 1  Monday
AM Arrival at San Cristobal Airport
PM  Interpretation Centre and Frigatebird Hill
 Day 2  Tuesday
AM Santa Fe
PM South Plaza
 Day 3  Wednesday
AM North Seymour
PM Chinese Hat
 Day 4  Thursday
AM Twin Craters – El Chato Reserve 
PM CC Fausto Llerena
 Day 5  Friday
AM Moreno Point (Isabela)
PM Urbina Bay
 Day 6  Saturday
AM Espinoza Point (Fernandina)
PM Vicente Roca Point (Isabela)
 Day 7  Sunday
AM Puerto Egas (Santiago)
PM Rabida
 Day 8  Monday
AM Black Turtle Cove
Transfer to Baltra Airport (GPS)